Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic Adjustments will ensure that the body is functioning at optimal capacity in order to enhance absorption and assimilation of the necessary nutrients responsible for the conversion processes of the EFAs.

The average American diet has undergone a tremendous change in the past 100 years due to current food processing practices. Omega-6 consumption has gone relatively unchanged – we consume large amounts of sunflower, safflower, and corn oils, however omega-3 intake has decreased by 80%. Hydrogenation and refining processes cause omega-3 fatty acids to be lost. And, because omega-3 oils are easily destroyed by light, heat, and air, manufacturers do not use them in their products.

Everyone can benefit by ensuring that their diet contains the essential fatty acids. It is crucial for infants and children to obtain sufficient EFA’s because of the rapid growth that occurs, especially in the nervous system. Children suffering from eczema or other skin problems, chronic ear aches, asthma, or allergies usually are deficient in the EFA’s.

Other conditions which may be helped by EFA supplementation include arthritis (and other chronic inflammatory diseases for which corticosteroids are prescribed), menopause, PMS, candida, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic illness, and diabetes. Make sure Vitamin F is part of your diet today!!