All chiropractors are able to treat children, however there are currently only about 60 chiropractors throughout the world that have pursued postgraduate training and testing to achieve Board Certification in Chiropractic Pediatrics and Pregnancy. Dr. Werner is currently pursuing the 3-year post-doctorate degree in order to become proficient in the diagnostic and clinical skills needed to treat pregnant women and children.

Many parents turn to chiropractic care for their children, especially after trying conventional medicine methods without seeing any results. Many more parents are bringing in their children soon after birth to have their spines checked; these babies are not sick! But, these parents realize that the birth process itself places stress on the developing spine. They don’t want to wait until symptoms develop and there is a problem!

Parents, tiring of the antibiotic merry-go-round often seek out chiropractic care. Antibiotics are usually prescribed by medical pediatricians for ear “infections” (most of the time there is usually only inflammation or it is viral in nature) and “strep throat” (this is commonly mis-diagnosed without a throat culture). The symptoms will often resolve, but two weeks later the child once again has ear pain or throat pain and a second, third, or fourth round of antibiotics are prescribed. Often antibiotics are prescribed prophylactically (there are no symptoms, but the antibiotic is give, “just in case”)! Then come tubes or tonsillectomy after the antibiotics ultimately fail. The antibiotics upset the natural flora in the intestines and yeast is allowed to overgrow, causing allergies as well as decreased immunity. A child on antibiotics becomes sicker and more prone to developing diseases.

Think about it – if you give a drug to a healthy person, it makes them sick. So how can drugs make sick people healthy?

Drug Free Healing, Naturally

Instead of using drugs, Dr. Werner works with children’s bodies to help strengthen their immune systems and heal. He is educated in the common ills of children and knows how to use gentle chiropractic adjustments.

Wellness Chiropractic

Dr. Werner is a big advocate of preventative chiropractic care. You don’t wait until you child’s teeth are rotting before you take them in to the dentist, do you? So why should you wait until your child has a spinal curvature, earache, asthma, or allergies, before you take them in for chiropractic check up? Prevention is the key!

Because the nervous system controls and coordinates every function in the body, regular chiropractic care starting at birth (or preferably in utero!) absolutely helps children to grow up healthier and happier! Even “normal” births can cause trauma to the spine, especially the neck and cranium of the newborn. When forceps, vacuum extraction, or cesarean section are used, the trauma increases.

Your baby’s spine will grow 50% in that first year (that’s like a 6 footer growing to 9 feet tall), making it very susceptible to injury. Your child’s spine must also develop curves in the neck and low back during that first year in order to continue growing properly in childhood. After that first year, the child’s activity level increases, subjecting the spine to repeated physical trauma. Look at a child who’s learning how to walk. Can you imagine falling on YOUR butt so many times a day? And have you seen older children playing on the playground? Those repeated stressors can cause vertebrae to misalign and affect spinal health.

Reaching Their Full Human Potential

We all have high hopes and dreams for our children. Children are special in their own way. Chiropractic can help YOUR child reach THEIR full human potential, whatever that may be. This includes those children with special needs, such as those Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and others who are physically or mentally challenged. Chiropractic releases the intelligence within the body for full expression of life. This helps them grow up healthy – in mind, body, and spirit!

Indications that your Newborn or Infant Baby needs gentle chiropractic care are:

•Inconsolable or excess crying

•Head consistently turned or bent to one side (torticollis)

•Asymmetric use of their limbs (palsies)

•Latching on problems or poor sucking during breastfeeding

•Sleeping Problems

•Excessive spitting up

•Gas or Colic

•Skin rashes & Eczema

Indications that your Older Child may benefit from chiropractic include:

•Ear Infections

•Colds, Flu, & Fevers

•Asthma and allergies

•Eczema & other Skin Rashes



•Backaches and Growing pains • Learning disorders, attention deficit, and hyperactivity

•Coughs, Bronchitis & other Respiratory ills

•Childhood diseases


•Constipation or Diarrhea


•Sports injuries