Why To See Dr. Greg

Common Reasons to go to a Chiropractor

Chiropractors have been treating people for over 100 years for various conditions. Most people go to a chiropractor for some type pain, be it neck pain, mid back pain, headaches or, most commonly, low back pain. People who have a herniated disc and do not want to undergo surgery have been helped by chiropractic manipulation. When one has a muscle spasm chiropractic manipulation is a tremendous help. However, a visit to your chiropractor is much more than a trip to a pain doctor. With chiropractic manipulation/adjustment, one is getting the whole nervous system working to its full potential. Athletes who want greater flexibility, quicker response time, and better recovery from injuries also seek out chiropractic treatment. Parents who want their children to grow up to their full potential with less health problems seek out chiropractic treatment.

Is Chiropractic Addicting?

One of the most common things heard about chiropractic is that it is addicting. This is a strange concept to the chiropractor. Is going to the dentist to get regular check-ups addicting? Chiropractors maintain optimal health for their patients. They achieve this through maintaining proper alignment of the spine. People have everyday stressors or injuries that give the spine “subluxations.” Going to a chiropractor is a choice one makes. Some people go for pain relief and that is all. Others make a choice of health. They take care of the problem that initially led them to seek chiropractic care, and then make the choice to maintain proper health. If being healthy is addicting, then so is chiropractic.


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